X-Rite KOH Spectrophotometer

Your Price: $6,500.00
Part Number:KOH0000
This unique spectrophotometer can scan a painted surface and instantly give you a formula to precisely match that color. Even metallic paints are quickly & easily matched. Most paint fades over time, but the SmartScan software has the ability to adjust formulas as necessary for even better color matching results. 

Spectrophotometers require a licensed installation of SmartScan to be able to download readings from the instrument into the PC. New customers or those adding a SmartScan license to their account must pre-pay for the first quarter of updates and support.

X-Rite KOH multi-angle spectrophotometer includes:
spectrophotometer, battery, data cable, power cable, calibration tiles, and carrying case

Not included:
Registration of SmartScan® for updates & support for the first quarter (3 mo.) at the rate of $45.00 (USD) per quarter.

Important Safety Notice:
Computer equipment such as 1) CPU, 2) monitor, 3) keyboard, 4) printer, 5) mouse, etc., are NOT explosion proof and should NOT be installed or used within a mixing area where paint and paint products are dispensed or used. If you have any questions regarding which equipment is safe for the mixing room, please contact the BASF SmartTrak HelpDesk.