Minimum Requirements to run SmartTrak IV: Windows 7 or 10 Professional or Home edition, 2.0+ GHz (preferably multiple core) processor , 80+ GB hard drive, 10+ GB free disk space, 4 GB RAM, USB v2.0+ ports, Monitor or Scale display

Please Note: SmartTrak/SmartColor IV is no longer compatible with Windows XP or Vista.

NEW!! SmartScan & KOH User Guides & Information

New!! ==> ST4 Calling Card Installer <== 

Click the link to download the installer for the new ST4 Calling Card to obtain remote support assistance easier than ever! 
For assistance installing the Calling Card, please call the Help Desk at 800-227-3593!


MA-91 Spectrophotometer
Driver -- X-Rite MA-91 Spectro Driver v2.2.0
Driver -- X-Rite KOH Spectro Driver (MATX3x.v.3.0.0)
Sample.jar -- Please call the SmartTrak Help Desk at800-227-3593 for guidance from a technician before using this file!
Sartorius TopMix Touch
Driver -- Sartorius Topmix Touch driver files
Connection Diagram -- TopMix Touch with PMA.Evolution scale
Connection Diagram -- TopMix Touch with discontinued PMA 7500/7501 scales

Sartorius PMA.Evolution
Driver -- Sartorius PMA.Evolution version 2.10 driver
Connection Diagram -- Sartorius PMA.Evolution stand-alone (dumbscale) connection diagram

Sartorius PMA.Net
Driver-- Sartorius PMA.Net driver files
Connection Diagram -- Sartorius PMA.Net connection diagram
Sartorius TopMix Original (non-touch)
Driver-- Sartorius TopMix Original (non-touch) driver files
Connection Diagram -- Sartorius TopMix Original (non-touch) connection diagram

Mettler Toledo ADI856
Driver -- Mettler Toledo ADI856 Touchscreen driver
Connection Diagram -- Mettler Toledo ADI856 connection diagram


SmartTrak IV Manual
DOC file-- Microsoft Word version (.doc)
PDF file-- Adobe Reader PDF version (.pdf)
ZIP file-- Zip file containing both .doc & .pdf versions (.zip)