Minimum Requirements to run SmartTrak IV:   Windows 7 or 10 Professional or Home edition, 2.0+ GHz (preferably multiple core) processor , 80+ GB hard drive, 10+ GB free disk space, 4 GB RAM, USB v2.0+ ports, Monitor or Scale display

Please Note:  SmartTrak/SmartColor IV is no longer compatible with Windows XP or Vista.  


     MA-91 Spectrophotometer
              Driver -- X-Rite MA-91 Spectro Driver v2.2.0
              Driver -- X-Rite MA-60B Spectro Driver (older version of spectrophotometer)
              Sample.jar -- Please call the SmartTrak Help Desk at 800-227-3593 for guidance from a technician before using this file!
     Sartorius TopMix Touch
              Driver  -- Sartorius Topmix Touch driver files
              Connection Diagram  -- TopMix Touch with PMA.Evolution scale
              Connection Diagram --  TopMix Touch with discontinued PMA 7500/7501 scales 

     Sartorius PMA.Evolution
               Driver -- Sartorius PMA.Evolution version 2.10 driver
               Connection Diagram -- Sartorius PMA.Evolution stand-alone (dumbscale) connection diagram

     Sartorius PMA.Net
                Driver -- Sartorius PMA.Net driver files 
                Connection Diagram -- Sartorius PMA.Net connection diagram
    Sartorius TopMix Original (non-touch)
                Driver -- Sartorius TopMix Original (non-touch)  driver files 
                Connection Diagram -- Sartorius TopMix Original (non-touch) connection diagram

     Mettler Toledo ADI856
               Driver -- Mettler Toledo ADI856 Touchscreen driver
               Connection Diagram -- Mettler Toledo ADI856 connection diagram 


      SmartTrak IV Manual
                  DOC file -- Microsoft Word version (.doc) 
                  PDF file -- Adobe Reader PDF version (.pdf)  
                  ZIP file -- Zip file containing both .doc & .pdf versions (.zip)